Happy New Year to every one!

Getting straight to the subject.

The printshop i'm working finally hit rock bottom - even though we still have a lot of work.

The owner moved everything to a ''new'' company and he made new business proposals to the remaining stuff.

For me the deal he proposed is working from home via team viewer and he asked me to tell him what i would charge.

I'm thinking an hourly rate that is similar to my current one.

To achieve this since i'll not be an employee anymore but a freelancer/service provider i need to figure out somethings.

First medical care/pension and tax expenses.

Secondly an accountant fee.

Already done the above.

Am i missing something i should also consider?

Would you propose another charging method?

How can we both agree on how much time a job takes to be done, sometimes you need ten minutes to preflight and impose a well prepared file, some other times you ( i at least ) may take a couple of hours fixing problems.

Calls should be expected on various times a day, he said he'll need me for a couple of hours every afternoon but we both know that is not going to work.

I'm all ears on whatever you might wanna say, or for me to clarify!

Thanks in advance!