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Thread: A Designer's Manual to Strategic Communication and Presentation

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    A Designer's Manual to Strategic Communication and Presentation

    Being able to express, analyze, and report on the issues of design practice demands facts, data, and research.
    Understanding how to turn information into valuable strategic assets is one of the key talents the design writer
    and researcher must possess.
    This book is an introductory guide to various forms of writing and fundamental research—and how images
    can be visualized through words. It addresses communication on various levels and for multiple audiences:
    designers to designers; designers to clients; designers to the design-literate; and designers to the design-agnostic.
    The methods of research discussed here include library, online, primary and secondary sources, and more. The
    methods of writing focus on trade journalism, scholarly and academic discourse, criticism, and general journalism,
    as well as fundamental business-to-business proposal and capability communications.
    On what platforms can design research and writing be best distributed? This book focuses on magazines,
    blogs, papers, lectures, journals, books—and even press releases. And how can design, typography, and illustration
    be used in concert with good writing? You will see.
    This is the first handbook for those designers who write and those writers who design.

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    Amazing article

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