Jenni's artwork will be in available in original and poster form from April 2017

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Daughters of Gaia

"The Watcher of the Glen"

I am the watcher of the glen

down where the hills witness

the passing of the sun

and the passing of the moon.

I am the seer of the well of seasons

opener of the gate to the meadows

where the rainbow guilds the barley

and sinks into the brook

that flows between the shires.

Copyright 2017 Jenni Parker Brown 

Water-colour, crayon and pastel

29.7 x 42.0cm
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we are on the brink of a resounding disaster
and on the brink of a rebounding triumph

we are on the brink of a dis-heartening failure
and on the brink of a eye-popping success

it's only a blink and a wink between each brink
just a little kink keeps us out of sync
in our game of perpetual internal brinkmanship

When the moon comes in her fullness,

it seems that the earth ceases spinning

to behold her slow ascent.

And I am pulled from a restless bed,

to gaze upon her smile

and know her ancient wisdom

No thing stirs, but my inner world is pulled by her call.

Memories crowd in together,


jostling to be noticed,

songs vie with pictures

ideas vie with appeasements

inspiration and doubts turn to and fro,

in an agitated tango

of revelations,

both brilliant and banal.

Oceans swell, the wind is silent,

and, if you watch closely without moving

a door opens in the night

so you can observe the unseen

and hear the unheard

The lady rises above the noiseless earth

and watches from an indigo heaven,

like a mother sentinel,

surveying her slumbering babes.

She will not rest.

She sings below a murmur

and caresses my memories

one by one

into a sleep that

leaves me changed forever.

Copyright 2017 Jenni Parker Brown