"I adore you Jenni Parker Brown, so spectacular - your work is and always has been so deep and so moving and so blessed.Holy Money Magic Miracle Maker!! Love love love and so much gratitude to you for your presence in the world. You are a model of magnificence! 

You have been lifted out of servitude and into sovereignty! Death and rebirth. Damn woman you are wise AND you are wealthy and you are a world changer in every possible way! 

Emerald Peaceful Greenforest http://the empoweredmessenger.com/

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Jenni Parker Brown is an artist, empath, visionary empowerment guide, author and earth mystic.

Jenni's joy is in researching and experimenting leading-edge ideas for human and planetary fulfilment. 

Passionate about inspiring people to realise their dreams, she personifies Ghandi's 'Be The Change' principle.

From being a former emotional victim and bankruptcy addict, Jenni turned her life from drama queen to co-leader of a new tribe of people devoted to serving the world with their passion and purpose. She has worked in collaboration with some of the most revered transformation experts in the UK and the US, earning widespread praise for her online magazines 'Realizezine' and 'I am Chronicles.'

Residing in the heartlands of the Cathars in the Pyrenees mountains, south of France for the last 25 years, Jenni, expresses her passion through books, art, dance, tours, and workshops. 

My mission is to live in beauty and grace by fulfilling all of my full potential and enabling others to do the same, in order to help humanity forward.

My vision is to create a community of Dream Warriors committed to living and practising Ghandi's 'Be The Change' Principle to fulfil their highest potential and enrichment, thereby being a living example to others.

I provide wisdom, tools and support for motivated women (and non alpha men!) in the process of change, to quickly overcome struggle and challenge so that they can step into their most empowered state - the one that opens you to align with your ideal, most harmonious vision of life.

Praise for Jenni P...

"The nik "Dream Warrior" is most befitting for Jenni, as she is truly a Master of the Art and has that uncommon ability to spot that missing component - that one dot that eludes even those who spend their lives connecting dots!If LOVE is the door to manifestation and DESIRE is the key, Then PERSISTENCE is the lock,
and the sign on the door says JENNI P.Michael Goebel Australia 

I've had the pleasure of working with Jenni for around 7 years. Her wisdom and clarity has helped me go from "Dreaming my incredible dream" to actually "Living my incredible dream life!" Jenni's perspective is sage like, clear, balanced and harmonious. Always for the greater good, the highest level of grace and coming from love. Jenni's techniques are now my go-to references when I need to adjust along the way. They are rock solid in their clarity and ability to bring me back to my core vision and get me back onto my path. I will always be ever grateful for Jenni P Parker Brown. What a difference she made in my life. Katherine Carey http://www.katherinecarey.com/

As a successful mentor for conscious entrepreneurs on a mission, I quietly thought Jenni had nothing new to teach me. I was wrong. Jenni opened a new window on me stepping up in my game, and showed me how important that was to me.” Adela Rubio, Free Your Essence www.adelarubio.com 

"What Jenni took me through was nothing short of life changing. She held the space for me to safely look at what REALLY moves me…..all the while, asking very pointed questions to make me look deeper. Jenni helped me discover my core strengths of my true personality, and that from those I can build my passionate life!   I owe so much to Jenni, it cannot be measured by dollars….how do you put a price tag on reconnecting with your soul passion?"  

Jennifer Nearents, Vancouver, US

Dream Warrior Jenni P, sincere in her support of all of our dreams, genius in her ideas and creations, brilliant as an angel doing time on earth lifting spirits. She is the sister, friend, mother, neighbor, poet, actress, leader...that we have always ever wanted!! Stephanie Clifton, Visionary Artist HI

"Jenni P is Vibrant, loving, compassionate and resoundingly encouraging to each and every one who step into her light. More than a muse or a mentor ~ which are intrinsically congruent ~ she infuses enthusiasm and liberates minds and hearts.Tune in to her effervescent charm and liberate your true talents."

Paul Westmerland. Peace Worker, Hungary

Jenni P = Breakthrough! My Life has exploded since I worked with Jenni.  Jenni has shined the light in a new direction for me.  Highly recommended!”  Meg Montgomery, founder of  http://ideabash.org/


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